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We are IT professionals, that deliver high tech industrial solutions for the F&B, Retail and Hospitality

Smart Tech Systems is created with the main purpose – to deliver, implement and maintain highest quality industrial IT solutions for hotels and restaurants, retail and whole sale, manufacturing and distribution.

Over 14 YEARS of GREAT EXPERIENCE IT and over 4000 clients around the world!



Highest quality of products and services



Complete solutions for retail, wholesales, hotels and restaurants



Innovative technologies and solutions are our flesh and blood



Our complete and complex IT solutions secure and protect your business and your investment!



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Our Professional Services

Your business requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money!

You are good, at what you do, and you need to focus on your business tasks, where you are better than the others. It is not necessary to be an IT and software expert, to run your business well. All you need is the right IT partners, who can understand, consult and support your IT business needs.

Software Consulting and Business Process Analysis

Implementing a new software solution is long and cost consuming process. It start with the choosing of the right solution for your business. This is something that requires deep analysis that involves technology, scalability, complexity and integrity. Involving experienced IT professionals, to help you with, is more than important!

System Integration and Project Management

Each piece of software interacts with other systems and installations. For your business is very important, all those systems to works as one, to be synchronized and centralized. This is not an easy process, and you require experts, that can design, build and maintain this for you.

Software development on demand

We can are offering you a wide portfolio of software and functionalities for your business needs. However, if you require a specific business processes and functions, that need to be covered, we are here to help. We are ready to discuss you needs and to develop them for you.

Mobile Apps development on demand

Interaction with your clients through their mobile phones is a must in the contemporary Retail and Hospitality business. We have wide experience in developing mobile and digital platforms that can cover digitalization, ordering, delivery and reservation processes. Your business needs to extend it operations in a mobile way with branded applications – we are here to help!

Hardware Delivery on Demand

STS delivers specialized hardware for the hospitality, retail and manufacturing industries for more than 14 years. Industrial terminals, mobile devices and peripherals, label and thermal printers, scanners etc. We are working with leading hardware manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world.  We can cover all your hardware demands by choosing right solution, trustable manufacturer and organize the whole delivery process and covering the after sales maintenance.

24/7/365 Premium Maintenance

Your business needs to be IT covered and secured 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days in the year. For all our clients we are providing premium maintenance. Our technical support experts are on your disposal in urgent cases.

Complex Solutions

Integrity and Stability

In a world, where a various solutions are needed to run and manage your business, we provide:
- Full product range;
- Integrated solutions;
- Durability and stability;
- Digital Transformaltion
- 24/7 premium service

Discover the Digital World

Quick Orders digital platform

Discover the no-limit world of the digitization.

Multi Platform Solutions

Windows, Linux, MacOS and Adroid

We understand and run all products and services in multi platform environments. Technology with no limits!

We are Here for You

Personal Attitude

We have no clients, we have Partner. STS relies on the Person to Person relationship. We are always here for you, to:



High educated, qualified and motivated professionals and personalities!

Yordan Popov


E: yordan.popov@sts-bg.com
T: +359 886 573 288

Yordan Popov has held several positions as chief  marketing and sales officer in leading global IT companies, specialized in the field of business software, specialized hardware and compete solutions for hospitality, retail and F&B. He was leading the conceptual development of several proven platforms and products. Innovator and IT Futurist.


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